[De]Construction and Schizopresence
February 11 to 26, 2017 – São Paulo / Brazil

Coordination: Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek

In commemoration of its 25th year of existence Taanteatro Company reopens in 2017 its rural headquarters in São Lourenço da Serra (SP / Brazil) offering a program of creative immersion into the taanteatro dynamics that aim to enhance scenic presence through actions that expand the limits of body & thought and encourage the participant to create a solo-performance.
Realized anually since 2001, the Taanteatro Residence Workshop received participants from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France and Germany.

Dancers, actors, performers, professionals and students from other areas of knowledge interested in intense practices of expansion and effectuation of their expressive potentials.

Investment and payment: please contact taanteatro@hotmail.com
Registration: email with Letter of Intent and Curriculum Vitae

Arrival: February 11, 2017
Works: Februar 12 to 25, 2017
Departure: February 26, 2017
Total hours: 110 hours
Lodging: In 2 houses. Rooms for 2-3 people.
Alimentation: 3 meals per day.

Taanteatro dynamics:
• Practical-creative approaches: MAE (Mandala of Body Energy), Walking, Rite Of Passage, Effort, Skeleton-self-massage, Butoh Dance, (Des)Construction of Performance.
• Theoretical-creative approaches: Tensions, InBetween , Pentamusculature, Schizopresence, Eternal Originating, (Trans)Personal Mythology
• Bibliography: Taanteatro: Choreographic Theatre of Tensions (available in Portuguese and Spanish), Taanteatro: Rite of Passage, Taanteatro: MAE – Mandala of Body Energy (both in Portuguese)

(De)Construction of Performance
Alongside the psychophysical training, participants will develop a SOLO PERFORMANCE under the guidance of the coordinators. See below some pictures of works developed on the basis of individual creations initiated at TTOR.

Investment: 1000 Euro.