Taanteatro: forces & forms

Taanteatro: forces & form presents in a concise and substancial manner the pratical and theoretical approach of taanteatro dynamics – an investigation of performatic language based on two notions: the principle of tension and the expanded body. Beyond this it offers an opportunity to know the trajectory of Maura Baiocchi and Taanteatro Companhia.

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TAANTEATRO: [Des]construction and Schizopresence

TAANTEATRO: [Des]construction and Schizopresence
Transcultura, São Paulo, 2016.
Org .: Wolfgang Pannek, Maura Baiocchi
Contributors: Alda Maria Abreu, Rodrigo Marco del Pont, Natalia Barrionuevo, Celia Musilli, Luiz B. L. Orlandi.

Taanteatro Companhia was founded in 1991 in the city of São Paulo. Itis recognized nationally for the singular and outstanding quality of its works, which involve creative, theoretic and didactic processes in the field of performing arts. Maura Baiocchi conceived taanteatro dynamics, an investigation of the scenic-corporal language based on the tension principle.

Taanteatro: [Des] Construction and Schizopresence presents two themes: an effective method of performative creation and a new notion of scenic presence ground on the intertwining of idea of Friedrich Nietzsche, Antonin Artaud and Gilles Deleuze.

Broadly illustrated, the book complements the conceptual dimensions exhibited at Taanteatro: Teatro Choreografico de Tensões (2007) and expands the meticulous sharing of creative processes initiated with Taanteatro: Rito de Passagem (2011) and Taanteatro: MAE – Corporal Energy Mandala 2013).

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TAANTEATRO – MAE – Mandala of Body Energy

TAANTEATRO – MAE – Mandala of Body Energy
by Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek
Transcultura, São Paulo, 2013 (in Portuguese)

With this book, the authors present a practical process of creating performative presences and performances: the MANDALA OF BODY ENERGY that integrates bodily, imaginative and rational energies aiming at theatrical and choreographic modes of production that go beyond standardized and aestheticized performative codes.

Widely illustrated, the book complements the conceptual dimensions exposed by the same authors in Taanteatro: Teatro Coreográfico de Tensões (Azougue Editorial, RJ, 2007).
by Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek

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MBE step-by-step

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TAANTEATRO – rite of passage

TAANTEATRO – Rito de passagem
by Wolfgang Pannek e Maura Baiocchi
Editor:Transcultura, 2011, São Paulo, Brazil.
ISBN: 978-85-64246-00-3
Nº páginas: 144
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With Taanteatro: rite of passage (written in portuguese)Wolfgang Pannek e Maura Baiocchi present an innovating creation process of dramaturgy with a strong physical, metaphoric and concpetual appeal. Abundandtly illustrated the book complements the conceptual dimensions livro presented in Taanteatro: choreographic theater of tensions.