TRANS – Maura Baiocchi em Paris

Performance by Maura Baiocchi
Théâtre de l’Aire Falguière le 3 mai à 21:00.
Organization: Nourit Masson-Sékiné

Comment by director and actor Rodrigo Marcó del Pont:

“I saw the performance in Paris with Daniel, we were amazed!!! Maura’s work was very strong, touching, impressing, unforgettable!!! The audiencence’s reaction was very good, very attentive. And at the end: a super-applause, long and warm.”

Comment by actor Théophile Choquet: “It is very surprising: at the beginning Maura finds a humoristic way to federate the audience, sharing an apple with some spectators, simply…and she invites people with her on stage to experience little dance movements. Then it is so moving to see her experiencing this dark and terrible journey to TRANS. Although this stage was very little she created an incredible field of forces, often frightning. She always kept a strong link with us, which I suppose really difficult to do for her. But she is amazing, charismatic and touching! Now Paris belongs to her!”

TRANS is an experiment of desire. Of desire as potency and raw matter of disruptions and transgressions. The shapeless flesh of desire is like a Golem, a monstrous creature born from clay and endowed with elemental forces. Its creator, the socially inserted and domesticated human being now wants to give life to matter, to challenge and to imitate God.