Choreographic Theater of Tensions – Forces & Forms

Choreographic Theater of Tensions – Forces & Forms
Maura Baiocchi, Wolfgang Pannek (2020), São Paulo: Transcultura.
Foreword by Hans-Thies Lehmann
Introductional note: Shane Pike
ISBN 978-85-64246-05-8
232 pages. 90 black & white photos. 50 coloured photos


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“This book comes at the right time. Its publication falls into a moment when – in addition to the ongoing discussion of the body – the theorizing of the affective in the theater studies has become more important compared to the rational aspect of the transmission of meaning. The example of Maura Baiocchi appears (…) as an encouragement, while many theater-makers are disheartened in the face of the reactionary front, which has been built against all experimental art for years. The work of Taanteatro (…) is nothing less than the ever-renewed attempt to promote a new “co-existence” of man and nature. (…) It is a radically “green” theater that formulates a far-reaching critique of our civilization.”
Excerpts from the preface by Hans-Thies Lehmann.

Choreographic Theater of Tensions – Forces & Forms is the first publication about Taanteatro in English. Written by the directors of Taanteatro Companhia – the Brazilian choreographer Maura Baiocchi and the German director Wolfgang Pannek – the book presents in a concise and substantial manner, the creative and theoretical approaches of Taanteatro Dynamics – an investigation of performative language based on the tension principle and the notion of the expanded body.

Widely illustrated, it additionally informs the reader about the trajectories of Taanteatro Companhia and its founding director Baiocchi. Aimed at professionals, students, and researchers of the performing arts, and the general public, the book summarizes and refines an editorial project that covers the following publications:

Taanteatro: Choreographic Theater of Tensions (2007), Taanteatro: Rite of Passage (2011), Taanteatro: MBE – Mandala of Body Energy (2013), Taanteatro: [Des]Construction and Schizopresence (2016), and Taanteatro: Forces & Forms (2018).

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The book will be released internationally starting from April 2020:
Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance (London) – April 14 – 16
Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Germany) – May 11 – 15
International Theatre Institute Germany (Berlin) – September
Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) – November
suspended due to coronavirus-crisis