1st International Ecoperformance Festival


March 16 to 19, 2021

In face of the eco-political challenges of the 21st century, the 1st International Ecoperformance Festival engages in the transcultural mission of gathering artists who perform in natural, urban and virtual landscapes in order to investigate, question or reaffirm poetically the co-presence, composition and conflict of the body and the environment.



MARCH 16 – ECOPOET[H]ICS 1 – 16h – Horário de Brasília
MARCH 17 – ECOPOET[H]ICS IN PROGRESS – 16h – Horário de Brasília
MARCH 18 – ECOPOET[H]ICS 2 – 16h – Horário de Brasília
MARCH 19 – ARTIST TALK – 16h – Horário de Brasília

Access the events using the Festival Website

International Ecoperformance Festival YouTube channel


[de]colonizations signals a new direction in the ongoing choreographic research of the Taanteatro Company: the application of postcolonial studies to the field of contemporary dance.
Muncipal Dance Support Program for São Paulo City.


Antonin Artaud: public domain

International project conceived by Wolfgang Pannek concerning the French poet Antonin Artaud (1896 to 1948) whose work happens to be of public domain in 2019. Through various activities carried out in Brazil and France Antonin Artaud: public domain investigates how the new legal status of his work will transform the public reception of the writings and ideas of the creator of the Theater of Cruelty.



September 11 to October 27, 2018

Arena Theater Eugênio Kusnet
Rua Teodoro Baima, 94 – Vila Buarque – São Paulo, Brazil – CEP 20220-202
(11) 3259-6409 – (11) 3256-9463

ARTT – Art Residence Taanteatro

Taanteatro Company announces the inauguration of ARTT – Art Residence Taanteatro.

Open to all artistic fields the residence takes place at Taanteatro Company headquarters
in São Lourenço da Serra, SP, Brazil.
Artists can develop their projects with free housing and workspace.
Projects can be send any time.Format and duration of the proposal is up to the proponents.
The selection of the projects is reserved to the directors of the company.

The first resident will be the dancer Jorge Armando Ndlozy from Mozambique.

+ info: taanteatro@gmail.com


cARTAUDgraphy is an upcoming project of Taanteatro Company that will investigate the dynamics of forces that constitute the poetic territory of the life and work of Antonin Artaud (1896-1948), the surrealist poetry icon and founder of the Theatre of Cruelty.

Contemplated by the Municipal Program for Dance for the City of São Paulo – 16th Edition.
Duration: from november 2014 to november 2015

The choreographic research addresses three critical and interrelated fields of Artaud’s work:
1 The Spiritual Crisis – approached from the work “Correspondence with Jacques Rivière”
2 The Crisis of Western culture – approached from the work “Journey to the land of the Tarahumaras”
3 The Crisis of languages ​​- approached from the work “Artaud, the Momo”

Concept and direction | Wolfgang Pannek
Choreographic director | Maura Baiocchi
Assistent of choreography | Alda Maria Abreu
Music |Gustavo Lemos
Lighting| Eduardo Alves
Stageset |Roque Onofre Fraticelli, Candelaria Silvestro and Wolfgang Pannek

Cast | Maura Baiocchi, Isa Gouvea, Ana Beatriz Almeida, Alda Maria Abreu, Patricia Pina Cruz, Ariana Andreoli, Monica Cristina, Fabio Pimenta, Marcelino Bessa, Henrique Lukas, Paula Alves.



Ciclo de debates que acompanha as apresentações de ANDROGYNE – sagração do fogo
bate-papo com artistas e pesquisadores convidados sobre as múltiplas temáticas do espetáculo ANDROGYNE.


15/09 – Vídeo, Performance e Gênero
com Gabriel Bogossian, Paulo Bueno e Alda Maria Abreu

22/09 -  Corpo sem Órgãos, Liberdade e Poder
com Chui Yi Chih e Wolfgang Pannek

29/09 – Androginia e o Sagrado nas Artes
com Rodrigo Reis e Maura Baiocchi

LOCAL: Mundo Pensante – aos domingos – às 20h – após as apresentações.
Rua 13 de maio, 825 – Bela Vista, 01326-010 São Paulo – Informações: 011 98151 0389



20 years of research and creation of Taanteatro Companhia.
Project sponsored by the Municipal Programm for Dance in São Paulo – 11th Edition – 2012