Maura Baiocchi

Founding Director


Photo: Raphael Mendes | Maura Baiocchi in a Photoenvironmentperformance Isadora Duncan and the bull

Brazilian choreographer, director, actress and dancer. Founder and director of Taanteatro Company. Creator of the taanteatro approach to the performing arts.  Master in Communication and Semiotics. Maura is a butoh dance pioneer in Brazil, author of several books and developed an international career in Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Mozambique, Russia and the United States.
Aside from her work with Taanteatro, Maura has been teaching at the University of Brasilia’s performing arts department and Dulcina Faculty. Maura Baiocchi also acted in movies and short movies by directos like Marta Nassar, Joel Yamagi, Walter Rogério, Christian Saghaard and Paloma Rocha.



Wolfgang Pannek



Director, actor, translator and producer. Co-director of Taanteatro Company since 1994. Co-author of Taanteatro – choreographic theater of tensions (Azougue Editorial – Rio de Janeiro – 2007). Currently finishing his
Master of Arts (philosophy, psychology and literature) at FernUniversität Hagen, Germany.