Dates: October 11, 13, 18 and 20/10 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) – from 14h to 18h
Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade – Sao Paulo

Workshop with MAURA BAIOCCHI founding director of Taanteatro Company
and author of the first book on butoh in Portuguese, released in 1995.
Each meeting begins with an explanation of the origin and history of
butoh dance and its consequences and ends with improvisation exercises
based on poetic images related to Hijikata Tatsumi (1928-1986) and
Kazuo Ohno (1906-2010) whoe would have his 110th birthday on October 27.



[De]Construction and Schizopresence
February 11 to 26, 2017 – São Paulo / Brazil

Coordination: Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek



Butoh workshop with Maura Baiocchi at DocumentA Escénicas im Córdoba/Argentina.
April, 14 a 16
Local: Lima 364, Córdoba

TTOR international – Summer 2015

Taanteatro Residence Workshop -TTOR INTERNATIONAL – Summer 2015


Coordinators: Maura Baiocchi, Wolfgang Pannek and guest artist Ariana Andreoli.

The focus of the summer edition of the TAANTEATRO RESIDENCE WORKSHOP (TTOR) 2015 is the development of creativity and communication through play-dance-music and their application in art and daily life.

From July 25 to August 2, 2015 Taanteatro Company will open its doors to everybody: participants, with or without artistic and performatic experience, will dive into intense works which rescue the richness of body language, combining self-knowledge with creativity and collective realization. The activities will occur at the rural headquarters of Taanteatro Company, placed in the exuberant hilly landscape of the Valley of Ribeira at about 50 km from São Paulo City, Brazil.

* Schizopresence is a neologism and a new performing arts concept created by Maura Baiocchi in the context of her practical and theoretic research called taanteatro dynamics. This investigation of the body amd itscreativity has been published in 3 books: “Taanteatro: choreographic theater of tensions” (also translated to Spanish), “Taanteatro: rite of passage” and “Taanteatro: MAE – Mandala of Body Energy”
all titles available in Portuguese

Period of activities: July 26 to August 1, 2015
Arrival: July 25 – Departure: August 2
Total amount of work: 60 hours.
Target audience: adults older than 18 years, with or without stage arts experience, interested in intenisve exploration of their creative capacities.

Activities: Mandala of Body Energy (works the anatomy of energy; subtle body, visualization, oxigination, intra- and intertensions, equilibrium, flexibilization, focus and voice), Clowntaact (work of clown and dance), ludic effort (aerobic exercises and play), Skeleton Massage (self-massage with wooden stick), Marataan (marathon of sketch creation) and “Thoughts in Performance” (exchange of ideas about “Ludicity, Laughter and Schizopresence”).

Reservations and informations about investment and payment: taanteatro@hotmail.com

Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek are directors of Taanteatro Company founded and based in São Paulo/Brazil since 1991.

Ariana Andreoli is an argentine dancer, actress and educator practitioning performing arts since 1998. Her research is focused on spontaneous composition, contact improvisation and clown (since 2004). Ariana is the founder of the group CLAP! Mudanzas Escénicas, based Córdoba/Argentina. Her work includes practices like Chi Kung, Yoga, Bioenergetic and Eutonic Movement Studies, Tui Na Massage, Meditation Dinâmicas and Murga. She investigates the mixture of the languages of clown and dance since 2006. Ariana participated in the Taanteatro Residence Workshop in 2012, 2013 e 2015. Wolfgang Pannek orientated her performance PARTIDA. www.partidaencarnelilith.blogspot.com.ar – Currently she is performing her clown solo “Siete vidas más” (Seven lifes more) – www.sietevidamas.blogspot.com.ar – She is a cast member of “cARTAUDgraphy”, conceived and directed by Wolfgang Pannek and with choreographic direction by Maura Baiocchi.

TTOR 2015 – Taanteatro Residence Workshop

February 01 to 14 – São Paulo / Brazil 


 (Maura Baiocchi in TRANS by Paula Alves)

Coordination: Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek

Assistants: Alda Maria Abreu and Ana Beatriz Almeida

In 2015, Taanteatro Company reopens its rural headquarters in São Lourenço da Serra (SP / Brazil) offering a program of creative immersion into the taanteatro dynamics that aim to enhance scenic presence through actions that expand the limits of body & thought and encourage the participant to create a solo-performance.

Among the reflective activities we highlight Thoughts in Performance based on three axes: 1. scenic presence and will to tension, 2. the artaudian body without organs as a choreographic practice, 3. ancestry, self-healing and effectuation in the cyber era.


Dancers, actors, performers, professionals and students from other areas of knowledge interested in intense practices of expansion and effectuation of their expressive potentials.

Investment Information and payment methods, please contact: taanteatro@hotmail.com

Registration: email with Letter of Intent and Curriculum Vitae


Date of arrival of the participants: January 31, 2015
Works: February 01 to 14, 2015
Departure: February 15, 2015
Total hours: 110 hours
Lodging: In 2 houses. Rooms for 2-3 people.


Taanteatro dynamics:
•   Practical-creative approaches: MAE (Mandala of Body Energy), Walking, Rite Of Passage, Effort, Skeleton-self-massage, Butoh Dance, (Des)Construction of Performance.
•   Theoretical-creative approaches: Tensions, InBetween , Pentamusculature, Schizopresence, Eternal Originating, (Trans)Personal Mythology
•   Bibliography: Taanteatro: Choreographic Theatre of Tensions (available in Portuguese and Spanish), Taanteatro: Rite of Passage, Taanteatro: MAE – Mandala of Body Energy (both in Portuguese)
(De)Construction of Performance
Alongside the psychophysical training, participants will develop a solo performance under the guidance of the coordinators. See below some pictures of works developed on the basis of individual creations initiated at TTOR:

Alda Maria Abreu – “Androgyne – Consecration of Fire” – TTOR 2012 (photo album 1, photo album 2)

Rodolfo Osses – “Body with Doors” – TTOR 2013 (photo album 1, photo album 2)

Ariana Andreoli – “Departure” – TTOR 2012/2013 (photo album 1, photo album 2, photo album 3)

Tatiana Sobrado – “Exercise 2″ – TTOR 2014 (photo album 1)


Rite of Passage is a paratheatrical collective ceremony involving the performers’ dismissal of a known state, the liminal experience of  symbolic death and the incorporation of a new and powerful presence.

Check out photos of Rites of Passage performed during the NuTAAN 2014.



February 4-19, 2012
São Lourenço da Serra – São Paulo – Brazil
Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek
Directors of Taanteatro
*Limited Space Available*
On occasion of its 20th anniversary, Taanteatro opens the company’s mountain workspace in Brazil to offer a program of performance immersion and intensity. Beyond getting introduced to the taanteatro approach, the new edition of the Taanteatro Residence Workshop (since 2001) extends the limits of stage presence by developing actions that overcome the social standards and artistic codes of the body.
The Residence Workshop is directed towards dancers, actors and performers. Each participant will develop a solo performance with advisory from Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek.