Rivers-Rites shows the combat of the colonized body with itself. The theater-choreographic work is triggered by the “invisible rivers” of São Paulo; the transformation of a very rich and abundant Amerindian watershed into a system of sewer channels. Starting from this real metaphor of predatory urbanism, Rivers-Rites explores the potentials for transfiguring the body organized by values, logic, and colonization practices.

Composed of collective solos and choreographies, Rivers-Rites is the conclusion work of NUTAAN 2019 – Núcleo Taanteatro: Formation, Research, and Creation. Over the course of five months, nine performers investigated creation processes in choreography based on three axes of the Taanteatro dynamic: survey of (trans) personal mythology, (de) construction of performance and rite of the shaman.

NUTAAN 2019 and Rivers-Rites are part of the project [des]colonizations of Taanteatro Companhia, which investigates the application of post-colonial studies in theater-choreographic creation.

[des]colonizations was supported by the 25th edition of the Municipal Dance Program for the City of São Paulo.

Conception: Wolfgang Pannek, Monica Cristina Bernardes, Maura Baiocchi
Choreographic direction: Maura Baiocchi
Lighting: Monica Cristina Bernardes
Soundtrack and videos: Wolfgang Pannek
Costume design: Wolfgang Pannek and cast
Dance / Performance: Janina Arnaud, Gustavo Braunstein, Florido, Vanessa Moraes, Alice Vasconcelos, Adriele Gehring, Pietro Morgado, Adélia Wellington, Sol Whitaker.

Research coordination: Wolfgang Pannek, Mônica Cristina Bernardes
Coordination assistants: Isa Gouvêa, Jorge Ndlozy
Supervision: Maura Baiocchi

Premiere: 22-24 and 29-31 August 2019
Cultural Workshop Oswald de Andrade – Teatro Annex