1st International Ecoperformance Festival


March 16 to 18, 2021

In face of the eco-political challenges of the 21st century, the 1st International Ecoperformance Festival engages in the transcultural mission of gathering artists who perform in natural, urban and virtual landscapes in order to investigate, question or reaffirm poetically the co-presence, composition and conflict of the body and the environment.

Organized by Taanteatro Companhia (São Paulo/Brazil), this first edition of the festival received proposals from five continents and selected 34 videos conceptualized as “Ecopoetics” or “Ecopoetics in Process” created by performing and visual artists from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, UK, US, and Venezuela.

Idea: Maura Baiocchi
Organizer & producer: Wolfgang Pannek
Curators: Maura Baiocchi, Mônica Cristina Bernardes, Jorge Ndlozy
Streaming coordinator: Wladimir Mattos
Website: Mônica Cristina Bernardes
Public relations: Transcultura

Collaboration: Center for Studies on Methodologies for Research in Arts of the State University of São Paulo (UNESP).

Selected artists:
Alexandre Nunes (Brazil) , Berenice Courtin (France/Spain), Candelaria Silvestro (Argentina), Clarice Gonçalves (Brazil), Clyde Lepage (Belgium), Ella Tetrault (Canada), Elise Hirako (Brazil), Elisabeth Einsiedler (Germany), Eva Maria Santoro Brazil), Georgiana Vlahbei (Romenia), Grupo Totem (Brazil), Hilary Wear (Canada), Inês Terra (Brazil), Julia Peres/Florido (Brazil), JulianneK (Greece/Germany), Julie Dind and Rolf Gerstlauer (Norway), Junior Romanini (Brazil), Kristina Watt (Canada), Lara Dau Vieira (Brazil), Lisa Giebel (Germany), Marcela de Macedo (Brazil), Mercedes Chanquia Aguirre (France, Argentina, Venezuela), Monika Tobelc(Hungary/UK), Natalia Kolesnichenko (Russia), Nazlihan E Ercin (USA), PAK Ndjamena (Mozambique), Sabina Andrea Allen (USA/Greece), Sebastian Wiedemann (Colombia), Renata Carlomagno (Brazil), Renée Koldewijn (Netherlands, Marrocos), Florencia Stalldecker, Rodolfo Ossés (Argentina), Rodrigo Reis (Brazil), Valeria DeCastro (USA), Wojciech Olchowski (Poland).

The 1st International Ecopeformance Festival is part of “Taanteatro 30 Years“ project.

What is Ecoperformance?

The performing arts concept ecoperformance was coined by the brazilian choreographer Maura Baiocchi between 2009 and 2010, as part of the inauguration of a new cycle of Taanteatro works related to the investigation of tensions between body, ancestry, and environment. Ecoperformance understands environment and body as inseparable dimensions of performative creation. In an ecoperformance, the environment constitutes a living and interactive play of presences and forces. In ecoperformance, the performer is not the central agent, but one of the play’s component‘s. At the same time as an ecoperformance experiments with environmental interactions as a performative event, it configures itself an environmental process. Ecoperformance can take place in any landscape, natural or urban, and may, among other possibilities, problematize and re-affirm human being/environment interconnections. It may serve to raise the awareness of the harmful environmental impact of human actions, and, eventually, become a vehicle of political denunciation.
Characterized by Hans-Thies Lehmann as “nothing less than the ever-renewed attempt to promote a new “co-existence” of man and nature” and as “a radically “green” theater that formulates a far-reaching critique of our civilization”, Taanteatro promoted, between 2011 and 2019, several editions of the Forum of Ecoperformance organized in Brazil and Argentina.

For further reading, consult Choreographic Theater of Tensions: Forces & Forms (2020).

The festival has 3 segments:
Segment 1: Ecopoetics
Segment 2: Ecopoetics in Progress

About Segment 1:
The curators will select 12 videos to be shownover two days (6 videos/day). Each exhibition block will be followed by an online meeting between the artists open to questions from the audience.
The video must have an aesthetic connection with the concept of „ecoperformance“ (see text below) and last between 5 to 20 minutes.
Thematic relevance and the artistic quality of the video are taken into account.
Format: MP4 or .mov.
Submission Deadline: December 31, 2020

About Segment 2:
Ecopoetics in Progress
The festival will select 10 videos to be shown over two days (5 videos/day).
Each exhibition block will be followed by an online meeting between the artists open to questions from the audience.
This segment shares creation processes without the requirement of showing a finished works or display technical excellence. The video must have an aesthetic connection with the concept of „ecoperformance“ (see text below). Selection criteria are the date and time of arrival.
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021

Submisson Contact:

Note 1:
The curatorship of the festival is sovereign. Selection criteria refer to the conceptual connection with “ecoperformance”, the thematic relevance and the artistic quality of the videos.

Note 2:
The exhibition of selected works wil not be remunerated.

Note 3:
Once a video is selected, the artist will be required to:
a) send a declaration of assignment of audiovisual rights for the purpose of showing the video in the festival and on the festival’s website.

Note 4:
Once the project is finished, the programm of the festival – selected videos and artist conversations – will be made available permanently on the project website.